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Varenhorst - Bouter

Christiaan Varenhorst

Nationality Dutch
Age 28
Best results Silver World Championships
Gold Moscow Grand Slam
Gold Sao Paulo Grand Slam
Biography The King of the Court series should be very entertaining and I am really interested to see the sports develop.
Opinion KotC format When I was a kid I loved sports and before I played beach volleyball I was into soccer, tennis, judo and volleyball. I am the tallest player on tour.

Jasper Bouter

Nationality Dutch
Age 21
Best results 4th place The Hague 4 star
5th place Itapema 4 star
Dutch National Champion
Biography I love beach volleyball and almost any other sport with a ball. I grew up near Rotterdam and moved to the Hague when I was 17 to join the national beach volleyball program. I’m working hard towards Tokyo 2020!
Opinion KotC format I think the new King of the Court format is going be fast, dynamic, and very entertaining to play and watch!

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