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Samoilovs - Plavins

Aleksandrs Samoilovs

Nationality Latvian
Age 33
Best results World Tour Champion 2013, 2014 and 2016
European Champion 2015
3 x Olympian 2008, 2012 and 2016
Biography I started playing beach volleyball at 16; I never played indoor. At 19 I won the U20 European Championships with Martins Plavins and switched to beach volleyball, becoming a pro. In 2005 we won the U21 World Championships and in 2008 qualified for the Beijing Olympics, gaining a 9th place. After Beijing I partnered with Ruslans Sorokins and in 2009 won silver on the World Tour. In 2012 I qualified for the London Olympics and after partnered with Janis Smedins. In our first year we won 8 medals on World Tour and became World Tour champions. My father, Genadijs Samoilovs, was my first and only coach and my brother, Mihails Samoilovs, won bronze at the U21 World Championships last year. I also organize beach volleyball camps around the world, called BeachBoxCamps.
Opinion KotC format It’ll be fun to see how the game is affected by time limits and experience the new buzz the King of the Court will bring to our sport.

Martin Plavins

Nationality Latvian
Age 33
Best results Bronze in London 2012
1st in WT 4*Hague 2018
5th WTFinals Hamburg 2018
Biography Started to play beach volleyball when I was 17! When I was 19 we (me and Lion King) won U-20 EC! Next year gold in U-21 WC and U-23 EC. Also qualified for Beijing 2008. Start to play with Janis Smedins in 2010 and won silver in WT France and bronze in EC final. 2011 4th in WC and in 2012 bronze in London. Then we split and I had a very hard times in beach volleyball. In 2018 paired with Edgars Tocs and now I'm back!:)
Opinion KotC format King: no time outs, no time to rest - just a lot of action on court where survives strongest!

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