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Keizer - Meppelink

Sanne Keizer

Nationality Dutch
Age 33
Best results 1st place European Champion 2012 and 2018
Gold medals on the World Tours in Shanghai and Myslowice 2011
9th place London Olympics 2012
Biography After becoming U18 World Champion in 2002 I wanted to be a beach volleyball player and have been playing now for 18 years. In 2016 I became a mom of the cutest twins ever and made my comeback in January 2018. I also completed a masters degree in criminal science in 2018.
Opinion KotC format I am looking forward to the King of the Court because it's different to what we’re used to. I love the time pressure and the stress of staying on the king’s side. It will also be fun to play a game with more than two teams!

Madelein Meppelink

Nationality Dutch
Age 28
Best results European Champion 2012 and 2018
2 x 9th place Olympian
Grand slam winner Corrientes Argentina
Biography I’ve been playing beach volleyball since I was 14. I loved it from the first moment I started. At the age of 18 I decided to say goodbye to indoor volleyball and fully commit to beach volleyball. After going professional I made it to the London and Rio Olympics, both times ending up in 9th place. Now I am eager to achieve a better result in the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020.
Opinion KotC format I’m loving the exciting challenge of a new format!

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