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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most asked questions here.

What is King of the Court?

King of the Court is a new format in beach volleyball created by Sportworx in cooperation with the FIVB. Find a full explanation of King of the Court here.

How do you organize King of the Court in a safe way with COVID-19?

To make sure everyone can attend the event in a safe way we created a special stadium. All the spectators have their own skybox of 2-10 persons, the stadium has a capacity of maximum 425 spectators. The skyboxes allow you to keep distance from other spectators. Within in your skybox food & drinks will be served so during your stay you don’t have to leave your skybox. Besides the skyboxes we will take extra hygiene precautions and we will make sure everyone can keep a distance of 1,5 meter outside of the skyboxes.

Do you have a COVID-19 protocol?

Besides the stadium design we are working together with the FIVB, National Olympic Committee and the Dutch government on COVID-19 protocol for the event. This protocol will contain things such as health check for al spectators, hygiene precautions etc. All spectators will receive this protocol before the event.

Which players will attend King of the Court?

King of the Court is an invitation tournament with the 30 best male and female teams of the world. You can find an overview of the confirmed teams here.

What is the schedule of the event?

The event is divided in to 10 sessions. All sessions contain one men’s and one women’s match and a performance of an artist. You can find the full timetable and match plan here.

What is the capacity of the stadium?

There are skyboxes available for 2-3, 4-6 and 7-10 persons. The stadium has a total capacity of 425 spectators. This is 15% of the regular capacity so make sure to register for tickets here.

Are there seats available in the skyboxes?

There will be chairs available in all skyboxes.

How can I get tickets?

Ticket sales will start in the beginning of August. To make sure you are in time, register for tickets here. Once registered you are the first to receive the ticketing link.

What are the ticket prizes?

Tickets will be sold in different categories, prizes are between €20,- and €40,- per person per session.

With how many people and with whom can I visit the event?

Skyboxes are available for 2-3, 4-6 and 7-10 persons. You can rent a skybox with people with whom you are allowed to stay within 1,5 meters.

Will there be a livestream?

Yes there will be a full livestream of the event. Follow King of the Court on social media to stay up to date.

Are there wheelchair places available?

There will be wheelchair places available. If you are interested in attending the event with a wheelchair, please send an email to info@kingofthecourt.com

What happens when King of the Court can’t take place?

If King of the Court is cancelled all spectators will get a full refund of their ticket.

Which artist will perform?

We are working on the line-up at the moment. Artist will be announced as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age for attending the event.

What is the Mission of King of the Court?

The mission of King of the Court is to become a new Olympic beach volleyball discipline.

Is there Merchandise available of King of the Court?

You can already buy the first Merchandise items of King of the Court here. Soon there will be more items available!